Construction Management


Teamwork, collaboration, effective communication, vision. Our staff operates with this premise in mind. As an owner’s representative, our primary responsibility is to the owner, and we begin each project by establishing trust among the project stakeholders. This is accomplished by honest straightforward dialogue coupled with integrity, and we pride ourselves on these attributes. 

We are concerned about all facets of project implementation from design through completion. Each of Aegean’s construction management proposals presents a staffing and construction monitoring plan that includes onsite personnel focused on contractual compliance, safety, quality, and budget adherence for the duration of construction.



Powered by Maps to Megawatts

Maps to Megawatts provides real-time, onsite monitoring during the construction phase. Based on years of experience and project success, AEG has compiled a sophisticated suite of discipline-specific construction monitoring templates and forms to be used in a mobile setting for wind, solar, and storage for the management of all daily, weekly, and monthly reporting; quality control of civil, receiving, assembly, electrical collection, substation, and transmission work; and management of RFI and submittals. Data and information is comprehensively delivered in a suite of online applications.



Health & Safety

We take safety seriously. Our teams have worked with many contractors over the years and have seen a range of effective, and non-effective safety programs. The contractors with the best safety programs generally have the best overall performance. Although Aegean is not directly responsible for the safety program, our personnel recognize this as a primary responsibility and are familiar with pro-active safety management principles required to foster a safety focused culture on every project site. Our personnel are not afraid to step in, when required, to stop unsafe acts or correct unsafe conditions.



Time Management

Aegean believes a comprehensive schedule reflecting all aspects of the project is a roadmap for success. Our personnel are intimately familiar with schedule development, monitoring, and compliance.  Because of the scope, work flow, logistics, and rapid pace of construction associated with renewable projects, it is important to continuously monitor the construction progress against the schedule.  Experience has shown us, that even the best plans are subject to the unexpected.  We have the knowledge and experience to “look beyond the schedule” for potential pitfalls and provide time-tested proven solutions.



Contract, Permitting, and Interconnect

We have experience in a variety of regulatory and permitting situations from full Federal NEPA compliance to state and local permitting. We will monitor the compliance with commercial and technical requirements set forth in the Interconnection Agreement (IA) and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and will manage the contracts entered between the project company and the various equipment suppliers, material vendors, and construction companies associated with the design, procurement, and construction of the facility. Our staff will review all company agreements, report obligations associated with these contracts, and monitor all compliance actions taken by the contractors.



Quality Assurance and Logistics

Aegean’s goal is to provide a quality, well-built facility to the Client.  As the owner’s representative, we will periodically review field work for compliance to project design and specifications. Our team will utilize our Maps to Megawatts platform and drone services to monitor the quality assurance program with respect to the performance of civil and electrical works, including the wind turbine foundations, substations, transmission lines, and collection systems. This also includes monitoring the progress of turbine delivery and installation, and delivery of all other owner-supplied equipment as well as the main power transformer.



Landowner Liaison

Landowners are the heart of any project. As the owner’s representative, Aegean will serve as the point of contact for any landowner communications at the project site. We will monitor compliance with all leases and easements entered by the owner, ensure all landowner concerns are addressed, and treat each landowner with respect.