Maps to Megawatts

Maps to Megawatts is a subscription-based online, mobile solution designed to support renewable energy development, construction, and operations. Partnered with ESRI, the most powerful mapping and spatial data analytics technology available, Maps to Megawatts utilizes the ArcGIS platform to deliver a technologically-advanced, scalable, and secure solution from an energy project’s conception to decommission.

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Maps to Megawatts Parcel Prioritization


At the earliest stage of development, wind and solar developers can leverage Maps to Megawatts solution for data analytics, warehousing, sharing of information, and the seamless passing of the baton from development information to construction.”

Site Analysis

GIS based site analysis and parcel prioritization customized for the client’s desired project location, as well as environmental, topographical, boundary, and transmission concerns and constraints.

Site Control and Reporting

The Maps to Megawatts web maps and dashboards can be customized to track site control, permitting, and utility agreements to facilitate a seamless transition from development to construction scheduling and mobilization.

Connecting In-House Development Teams and Contractors

By utilizing the online and mobile apps landmen, surveyors, and other contractors can link images and reports of proposed crossings, civil issues, avoidance areas, and other matters in the field.



During construction, the Maps to Megawatts solution provides comprehensive smart document control and status reporting with advanced real-time analytics for both web and mobile.

Tools for Reporting and Quality Assurance

Aegean has compiled a sophisticated suite of discipline-specific construction monitoring templates and forms to be used in a mobile setting for wind and solar for the management of all daily, weekly, and monthly reporting; quality control of civil, receiving, assembly, electrical collection, substation, and transmission work; and management of RFI and submittals.

The Big Picture

High-quality drone imagery that is stitched together, elevation data, and video is captured, processed and then presented online supplements the suit of user forms. This updates record-keeping services for a project with cutting-edge, current information about company assets.

All data and information are comprehensively delivered in a suite of online applications, so that everyone is connected.

Maps to Megawatts


Post-construction, the use of the Maps to Megawatts solution by plant operators can be used in perpetuity for the life of those projects. Forms can be customized to monitor all site assets and functions and a long-term drone program can be developed to supplement all reporting and monitoring.