Kenneth Y. “Woody” Duncan

Senior Vice President Technology

An innovative leader in geographical information systems (GIS), Kenneth Y. “Woody” Duncan has a proven track record developing analytical GIS projects for the public and private sector.

Duncan began his GIS career in the late 1990’s as an archaeologist working in the state of New Mexico. In 2003, Duncan became the National GIS Program Manager for The Trust for Public Land (TPL)—a national, nonprofit, land conservation organization focused on ensuring livable communities with parks and open spaces. Duncan managed TPL’s GIS projects for federal and local governments and commercial customers and contributed directly to the growth of TPL’s intellectual capital and $1.2M of annual revenue. While at TPL, Duncan performed and coordinated 60 research studies across 40 states. He also aided in the engineering of a Greenprinting priority framework with a vision for future growth and a plan to protect a community's important natural resources. TPL’s GIS team received an ESRI GIS Special Achievement Award in 2005.

In 2008, Duncan co-founded Santa Fe GIS (SFGIS)—an enterprise level company that designed, implemented, and managed GIS services for energy and environmental resource projects. SFGIS provided web-based GIS connectivity with document management systems and delivered subscription-based online hosting services of high-quality maps and analytical data with rich cartographic capabilities. At SFGIS, Duncan designed and engineered analytical GIS projects with unprecedented scopes. Two SFGIS project highlights include: providing GIS support to a gas company to mitigate impacts of its gas pipelines across more than 6.4 million acres and 14 states and providing Brazil country-wide hydroelectric prospecting analysis for small scale hydroelectric generation that utilized the Idaho National Laboratory and USGS formulas.

Prior to founding Aegean Energy Group, Duncan most recently served as GIS Director at Cielo Wind Services. In this role, he led the advancement of GIS and IT-related activities in support of multiple overlapping engineering and construction team projects. Duncan later served as Cielo’s development liaison for all FAA and environmental issues and provided essential state and federal lobby services for the company’s development portfolio.